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RestoreMe Behavioral Health & Wellness PLLC.
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RestoreMe Behavioral Health & Wellness PLLC. Is a private mental and behavioral health practice that provides mental and behavioral treatment and services for adults 18 years and above. We specialize in the treatment of  ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder,  alcohol use disorder, PTSD, and various psychotic disorders.  We provide psychiatric evaluations and assessments, medication management, and an array of other innovative services catered to meet the individual needs of our clients/families.

Regardless of the challenges before you and your family, RestoreMe Behavioral Health & Wellness PLLC. strives to help restore individuals and families, to help them become happier, healthier, stable and successful within their homes, jobs, neighborhoods and communities.

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Our mission at RestoreMe Behavioral Health & Wellness PLLC is to restore individuals (our clients) (RestoreMe) into (their) your original mental state or at least as close to it as possible. Health is our greatest wealth.


Our vision at RestoreMe Behavioral Health & Wellness PLLC is to be recognized as a leader in providing consistent and quality mental and behavioral healthcare treatment and services to our clients. 


• Health equity: We treat everybody equally without bias or prejudice.

• High-quality patient care: Patient-centered treatment.
• Respect for individuals.


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