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Services Offered 


Psychiatric Evaluations & Assessments


Psychiatric evaluations are an essential step in understanding an individual’s condition. With this, a person’s mental health is assessed in relation to one’s thoughts, relationships, and other factors. The information gathered in an evaluation can help behavioral health professionals create a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. With the proper Treatment plan our professionals  are able to use it as a guide during sessions effectively address and explore the issues related to the symptoms. This help give the client a better understanding of the disorder and brings it to the client’s consciousness so they can work on ‌understanding the root of the problem and finding healthier solutions.

Filling Prescription

Medication Management 

Medication management is a crucial part of your care and treatment. For mental health and behavioral health, consulting with your provider about medications is an ongoing and important process. Clients receiving treatment, need to follow-up to discuss the results with the provider. This way the provider may adjust or even switch medications, if necessary. No Controlled Substances please. Alternatives available.

Actively accepting new patients from Texas, Arizona (Insurance or Cash) & New Mexico (Cash only for now). Click the Schedule Appointment link on the Home page or Meet the provider page to schedule an appointment. Click PsychologyToday link below for more information on insurances and Cash pay.

Video Call


We provide telepsychiatry through a HIPPA compliant platform which allows our clients to book appointments, request medications and make payments safe and securely from the convenience of their homes.​

With telepsychiatry, you can access our board-certified practitioners by secure online video, phone, or app – anytime, anywhere, 24/7/365. No more waiting days to get an appointment with your Provider for non-emergency medical conditions. Our providers can do assessments and evaluations, diagnose, provide a treatment plan and  prescribe medication (if needed), and send e-prescriptions to your nearest/local pharmacy.

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